Dope Party Joint (Old School) Single

by Anthony!

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    First single off of Anthony! And Akello Lights project




1st single


released November 18, 2010

Akello Light for the beats




Anthony! Bensalem, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Dope Party Joint (Old School)
Wonderful feeling,
could it be the rhythm
6 dope beats, yeah akello had to hit him
all sing along if you all know the words to this
if you don't that's cool, I am into a superb bliss
nothing in my way,higher then a cloud
not saying I'm high, turn it down to loud
Necks in pain, must of slept on it wrong
deal with though, through the rest of the song
Its getting outrageous, this beats contagious
Working hard with my work but still not famous
can anybody blame us?
the underground Union
take all along through the night
lets make hot chocolate,
akellos got the tea,
two dope kids boys in the same lo key
lo fi/ hi fi
sounds great, high five
Lets connect to the world
switch on the wi fi

Switch back,
its now that time again
after this song I swear to God
I won't rhyme again
just playing, this beats to vibrant
As long as I write,
Akello can supply supply it
with beats,
play it one time then keep it on repeat
The release party will be at chickies and petes
Sorry it took long, tell me if its worth it
I worked really hard, not sure if it's perfect
Let's dance like if the world ends tomorrow
the troubles disappear, say goodbye to sorrow
that is not what we are here for
it's all good times we don't want to hear your
complaining, head outside it is raining,
make it go away as the water is draining
the rain stops, here comes the sunshine
Akello drop the beat,
and we can all have a fun time